Encouraging Kids To Play By Themselves

In this episode: Janet addresses a parent’s concerns about her daughter’s unwillingness to play independently. She seems to need constant stimulation and entertainment.

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  1. Hi Janet! You’ve helped me in the past; thank you. However, the truth is I have only been able to implement some of your perspective with my 3y/o. My 10month old-yes! Much better. So with my 3 y/o she is just like this woman’s child and I am like this mom. But more- I have gotten into a bad pattern of her getting “into stuff” I.e. climbing dangerously- whatever it is , it seems to require my attention. And this is our pattern:( I can Feeeel that she can’t let go of this dance with me, but I don’t know how to get out of it because she isn’t just nagging me , she is doing things that require my attention. She had always been curious and wanted.to touch ALL of our stuff. I absolutely didn’t set the physical boundaries she needed, throughout, so there were lots of big feelings from me and my husband towards her getting into our stuff and then doubling down (also normal, I know. I’m finally able to respond calmly often now with my limits but it’s not always and still an uphill battle). I often think it’s too late to get of this pattern and feel very stuck 🙁 She also is at school 3 days and really I’m just with her one full day– the other days are part days. Anyway, given all you said in this podcast, how would you respond to the dangerous and other attention -getting behaviors she engages in at this point? Thanks so so much for any thoughts you can share if you have time.

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