Helping Kids Through Their Gloomy Moods

In this episode: Janet responds to questions from two different parents concerned about their children’s apparent sadness, grumpiness, negativity and, in one case, clingy behavior. She offers an alternative to a parent’s wish to “flip a switch” to brighten her child’s mood.

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  1. Bana Mamlouk says:

    Dear Janet,
    I would like to thank you for always being with us through our parenting journey. I can only say your impact is tremendous. I have few questions I would love your opinion about.
    I will start by saying that we as a family are going through a lot of changes we just moved to a new country that speak different language and we moved from hotel to a new flat as well. My toddler is 2.9 months and I weaned him off breastfeeding only at night a month ago. Now he has been going through a lot of grumpy moods and meltdowns which I believe are normal but other members of the family, my sister and sometimes my husband, often judge him and may not accept his behavior and it offends me when I have to feel
    Defensive to him and I end up getting angry at my son because of the pressure I hear in the day about he is not disciplined enough or he doesn’t have boundaries or etc. what is bothering me is this type of pressure along with the change we are going through and my
    Toddler’s often challenging behavior is pushing me to get angry at
    Him and do things or say things I dont want to, how can I deal with that better? Plus do you think we accept our children feelings and they are more comfortable sharing it might look like our children are more moody or
    Less disciplined? Finally I feel I am ready to wean my
    Toddler completely and not weaning him is making me angry at times and I dont want that, but I feel he moved houses countries and he will be sent to nursery for the first time soon and his dad got him a new bed he want him
    To sleep in, too many changes that somehow have to happen and I don’t want to add the pressure of weaning on him because I am worried if it will be too much on him. So I have this struggle inside as well where I want to but I cant because I feel
    For him.
    Thank you again for always being so supportive and helpful.
    Lots of blessings

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