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Brimming with new conviction and enthusiasm after attending yesterday’s 22nd Annual RIE Infant/Toddler Conference, I’m looking forward to sharing highlights in the coming weeks. And while I’m digesting the brilliance of psychologist Alicia Lieberman and the insights and inspirational reports from the other talented presenters — educators, parents and child care professionals — I have more good RIE news…

The CBS News L.A. clip about RIE parenting (which aired a while ago) is finally available. It includes footage from one of the Parent/Infant Guidance Classes I facilitate, interviews with a couple of the wonderful parents in class and comments from RIE executive director Deborah Solomon. This is by far the most accurate of a flood of recent articles and TV news stories about the RIE approach to respectful infant care…

One correction…the RIE Approach is not about treating babies as adults. It’s about giving infants the same respect one would an adult. And I’m hoping that one day soon it won’t be considered “controversial” or newsworthy to do so. (Whether or not one uses highchairs or sippy cups are really unimportant details.)

Which reminds me…after being enthralled by the variety of distinguished voices articulating RIE’s vision at the conference, new RIE Board president Polly Elam shared a goal (at the subsequent Annual Membership Meeting) that closely reflects my own:  that the perception of infants as capable individuals — active participants in relationships with their parents and caregivers – becomes “mainstream”, the norm, no longer unique. Here’s to hoping!

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  1. Such a shame, and a microcosm of what’s wrong, there has to be a hook, a controversy, something titillating for the news to make it a story. Often the reporter gets enchanted by the given subject but has to convince the editor that it’s timely or controversial enough to elbow its way into the 24 hour news cycle.
    Here here, on the idea of making respect for babies MAINSTREAM.

  2. Well, the press never gets it quite right… I’m just glad the movement is getting exposure. Anyone who is interested and reads/learns more will quickly understand the true potential. And the new RIE website is wonderful!

  3. Fantastic Janet! Thanks for sharing. Im in agreement, that even though the coverage is inaccurate, its still in a positive light and is fairly good exposure.

    Im excited to hear about the conference, I LOVE Polly and miss her dearly! Glad it was a great success and love the new website. Keep up the good work 😉

  4. Janet! It was so great to meet you on Saturday, it really meant a lot to me. I think this CBS video describes things much better than the previous article you posted on your site. Getting a little bit closer to the truth. I mentioned your wonderful blog again in my post today and I also added the email update functionality you mentioned. Thanks for that!

    1. Erica, I was so happy to finally meet you, too! Getting to know so many of the people I communicate with online made the day even more special.

      Which previous article are you referring to?

      I’m thrilled that you are adding the email alert to your great blog…I’ll go sign up now. And thank you for linking to me!


  5. Thanks for sharing the video!

    I, too, wonder why RIE is considered controversial. I’ve never actually been to a RIE class or workshop, but it seems pretty intuitive and straightforward.

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