My Child Won’t Stop Hitting


In this episode: A parent says she feels helpless because her 2-year-old has been hitting other kids. She says her son loves people and enjoys playing with others, but parents are now keeping their kids away from him. She has tried several approaches, but nothing has worked, so she’s looking to Janet for some fresh … Continued

Aggressive Toddler Behavior (Hitting, Biting, Spitting)


In this episode: Janet responds to a father whose 2.5-year-old is acting out at home and at school by biting, hitting, and sometimes spitting when she doesn’t get her way. The toddler’s dad says he’s tried a respectful approach to curb her behavior, but it seems to be getting worse. Transcript of “Aggressive Toddler Behavior … Continued

My Preschooler is Hitting Me

Hi Janet, My 3.5 year old has suddenly starting hitting, throwing things, and biting my husband and me.  Most of what I read seems to apply to toddlers and those with lack of language, but since my son is older and has very advanced language, neither of these apply. During the 2’s he was an … Continued

Biting, Hitting, Kicking And Other Challenging Toddler Behavior

We’re big. They’re tiny. They’re just learning our rules and expectations for appropriate behavior. They have a developmental need to express their will, and they have very little (if any) impulse control. With these complicated, powerful dynamics in play, why would we take our toddler’s hitting, biting, resistance or refusal to cooperate personally? We get … Continued

Don’t Miss the Secrets Your Children Share


In response to a parent’s question about her toddler’s aggressive impulses toward her newborn sister, Janet suggests strategies for encouraging our children — beginning in infancy– to communicate their innermost thoughts, feelings and needs. This parent and her husband have followed Janet’s advice on siblings and believe they are “doing a decent job supporting them … Continued

Sibling Strife – When Your Child Keeps Hating On Her Little Brother


A parent writes that her 5-year-old has never recovered from the arrival of her younger brother (now 3.5 yrs). “Since he was born, she has subjected him to physical violence and verbal taunting.” She describes her daughter as bright and strong-willed, and her son as gentle, loving and forgiving. She says she has tried everything … Continued

It’s Not Regression


A parent describes the stress her family has been experiencing over the past several months and believes her 4.5 year old son has been particularly affected. “He was in Montessori and becoming very independent. Little by little, we’ve seen a huge regression in his behavior.” She describes a number of issues where she sees her … Continued

Is It Too Late to Set Limits with My Strong-Willed Child?


The parent of a 4-year-old who describes her child as strong-willed and social is concerned that she and her husband did not set boundaries early enough, and they are now paying for it. She admits that for most of her boy’s young life she was reluctant to enforce boundaries so as not to upset him. … Continued

5 Ways Parents Can Make Their Lives Easier Right Now


Even in the best of times, caring for children is a balancing act that is never mastered. The ground shifts constantly, and we adapt accordingly, doing our very best to provide care, love, support and encouragement within the daily rhythms of our lives. Our children are acutely aware of change or disruption, and they look … Continued

The Most Helpful Response When Your Child Gets Hurt (4 Guidelines)


Janet offers basic guidelines for responding mindfully when children get hurt, whether by accident or as the result of another child’s behavior. She also addresses the specifics in a parent’s note about her son’s emotional responses to getting pushed or hit when she isn’t close enough to prevent it. She says he seems “shocked” but … Continued