My Daughter’s Friend is a Bad Influence

In this episode: A mother believes that her 4-year-old’s best friend is a bad influence. She feels her daughter has adopted this friend’s behaviors and attitudes that are exclusionary and bullying towards other children. She wants to trust her daughter to choose her own friends but admits, “I really have come to dislike this child.”


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  1. Jamie Sloan says:

    I am a longtime Montessori teacher who has recently been through (and loved) the RIE foundations course. In August, I will begin working as Montessori coordinator in China at an International school that practices Montessori through 2nd grade and then transitions children to the IB approach through high school. I look forward to employing much of what I’ve learned through the years as a Montessorian, and am also very grateful to have discovered the wisdom behind the RIE approach. Your books and articles have been tremendously valuable to me. Thank you!

    1. Hooray! Thanks so much for sharing that good news with me, Jamie!

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