Toilet Training Isn’t Working

In this episode: Janet responds to a mother whose son seems to grasp the concept of using the toilet, but he isn’t cooperating. She’s trying to be patient and understanding but also worried his resistance is becoming entrenched, so she’s looking to Janet for some potty pointers.


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  1. avatar Mary Carter says:


    Thank you for all you do! I agree with all your techniques and am so happy I found you! These techniques do not come naturally for me. For me it is very hard to react the correct way in the heat of the moment! I was wondering if you have some sort of “cheat” sheet or refrigerator sheet that I could almost study until the words flow more naturally for me! I know this sounds crazy but I plan on re-reading all your books and taking notes and trying to study almost like flash cards! I think this would also help my husband – who is on board and copying the things I say to our daughter. I am a dietitian and I have a healthy food list on our fridge and I thought why not a “Janet cheat sheet”! I would obviously want and think parents would want to pay for something like this just as if it were a book. Thanks for even considering – many blessing to you and your family!

  2. avatar Brynda waters says:

    Janet there was a blog about a potty training a sensor or sensor underpants that was used to wake a child up before he wets.

    I have a 4 year old that sleeps and will not wake up to after he has wet the bed. Please help.

  3. Hi Janet,
    I just started listening to your podcasts. I am really enjoying them and thought I’d send a message for some advice.
    My almost 4 year old is 3 weeks into potty training and just recently the last 4 days keeps having constant accidents poop and pee. We have to chase him down to clean him or get him on the potty. Once he gets on the potty he finishes his business says he’s all done and the 20 mins later has another poop accident. This is getting frustrating for my husband and I. We explain the “yuckies” in his underwear, he hates seeing them and and then asks us if we are mad. We say we are frustrated. He then says he’s sorry. We try to keep our cool but sometime it’s very difficult and he can tell in our expression that we are mad or frustrated. We also have an 11 month old active girl to chase around. I try to explain that his sister is a baby and she needs her diapers. He does say he doesn’t want diapers anymore. We do put him in pull ups for nap and bedtime to avoid accidents. He was waking up dry for a few weeks and now wakes up fully soaked.
    Any advice will be appreciated.
    Thanks, Jen

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